Project Pitch

I will discuss Hip-Hop subculture particularly in the 90s. Hip-hop has evolved so much since then through new artists who now dress different and even sound different from the artists that were popular in the 90s (Tupac, Nas, BIG, Jay-Z, Snoop, Andre 3k, etc.) with exception of a few artists who still incorporate the sound and culture from the 90s into their music today. At the time the subculture had everyone in the urban communities dressing the same with their fitted hats, baggy jeans, and big chains around their necks.

The majority of early Hip-hop was centered around drugs, gangs, violence and generally struggling with life. A major misconception on the genre believes that these artists glorified all these things meanwhile they were just telling their stories while describing the hardships they faced in life. Which is much different from the Hip-hop we hear today where rappers boast about their money and success.

Without Hip-hop, break dancing, graffiti art culture and of course rapping, would not exist.


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  1. I agree Hip-Hop opened the way to a lifestyle that still survives today. When I think of 90s Hip-Hop I think of Gangsta’s Paradise, California Love and Gin and Juice. It may not seem to some people, I believe break dancing, rapping and graffiti as an art form is a positive outlet from a difficult life. Though not in the 90s growing up I was a big fan of the “Rock Steady Crew”. Do you think their influence has carried on into the 90s and beyond and if so how has it changed.

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