#MattHill Cover Songs

Cover songs have many purposes some more obvious then others.  For instance usually when an artist does a cover song it’s a record that is considered a hit and can gain an artist exposure.  Since writing a successful record is difficult a cover song can cut that important and difficult part out of the equation so to speak.  Although this can be beneficial it is important that the artist who is doing the cover song does just as good as a job as the original artist or even better otherwise they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot.  When you set the bar high people will have high expectations.

Cover songs can also display an artist ability to add a different style and feel to a record.  The actual recording and performance of a record is just as important as the person who writes it.  This is why most artist today have writing teams that assist them with writing a song and even write entire songs for them.

I have some experience with cover songs and the purpose behind them.  Me and two of my friends started a small record label called Training Camp and one of our artist is Matt Hill. We write, produce, record, location scoute and even shoot our own videos.  Everything is done in house and all original with the exception of four cover songs we did.

I am going to post the links to these cover songs below.  You will notice that we also changed the production slightly of the original beat for these songs.  This was done to display the talent of our producer.  Even though he produces his own original material as well, he added his own creativity to the beat for the same reasons an artist would do a cover song.  Feel free to comment, give your opinions and ask questions.

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2 Responses to #MattHill Cover Songs

  1. Allen Sharma says:

    This dudes not bad and I like how the producer recreates the beat live in the music video on the beat pad.

  2. Ofir Yakobowicz says:

    I feel that the production of his music and the vocal’s sound don’t really match. Almost as if it was trying to put a more produced version of the original out, when some of the beauty of the songs such as “Stay With Me” and “Skinny Love” were in the simplicity. What do you think?

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