Joel Makower, Woodstock Response

I always heard stories about Woodstock and always assumed it was something similar to the Coachella the music festival they have in the west coast because of all the music and drugs being consumed. Although, Coachella now does seems like more of a costume party. I love how hectic all the stories sound from the different musicians, I can’t even imagine the pressure that these guys felt having to perform under such short notice and at times missing key parts of their equipment and even members of their band but as it went on it started to get more organized.

I wonder why there was never another Woodstock? Did anyone ever try to do it again or are musical festivals too commercial to attempt a festival where it’s just all about the music. What’s also just crazy to me is that they had so many people together cramped up in one spot and yet they were peaceful and the rain storm actually brought dirty muddy people together. From my understanding it seemed like a huge experience for the entire generation but unfortunately for me I couldn’t recognize a single name.


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