Richard Dyer: In Defense Of Disco RESPONSE

Dyer makes some interesting points as he mentions that Disco is very capitalist since it was made and performed by with expensive equipment and also made merely just for profit. He also says that an unforeseen importance that came out of disco was that it established gay identity and an openness to sexuality throughout society.

Dyer also says that the three main characteristics found in Disco are eroticism, romanticism, and materialism. Those three characters found in Disco also relate with gay culture. Eroticism helps them rediscover their bodies, while materialism expresses the materialistic world that we live in and that its okay to enjoy it, and romanticism shows them high levels of emotional and experiential capacities that can be felt.

However, I do not believe that disco has died because of its capitalistic nature. You can argue that all the popular music we hear today can be considered capitalistic. There are many songs that I hear today where the artist is practically promoting some type of expensive brand in their song. Also some artists make try to make a popular hit with the intentions of purely making profit

I think that Disco is something similar to one of those catchy songs that you hear on the radio, usually saying something cheesy and lacking the substance that is found in genres such as blues, rock and even rap. It’s kind of like one of those Justin Bieber songs that you can’t escape because of how catchy and popular it is. I can definitely see why people hate disco because I imagine that it became so popular that people were no longer hearing their favorite music on the radio and in turn lead to the trend of hating disco.

Fortunately for Disco lovers, Disco is not completely dead yet, it lives through artists such as Daft Punk. They were able to bring a disco to the mainstream again with their popular song Get Lucky and it’s probably the only modern Disco song that I’ve ever heard.

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