Night Club Royale

The article Night Club Royale by Josh Ells is cool and entertaining article. It is very insightful on the nightlife of E.D.M. music in Las Vegas. When most people hear or think Las Vegas they often think slot machines, poker games and chips but many people are unaware of the major financial impact of nightclubs. Although nightclubs have always played a part in Vegas entertainment, they are becoming more and more popular. This is a growing part of the Vegas industry that is having a major financial impact as well as a social effect.

Jesse Waits, a manager for XS nightclub at Encore resort in Las Vegas explains the financial importance of nightclubs in Las Vegas. XS nightclub is one of the top-grossing nightclubs in the country and at the time of the article was bringing in a million dollars a night. The key factor for the success of XS and other popular nightclubs in Vegas are the DJ’s who DJ the parties. The top E.D.M. DJ’s perform at these casinos such as Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and David Guetta.

The competition between hotel resorts in Vegas to land these DJ’s is so competitive that it is basically a bidding war. In 2011 when E.D.M. was just hitting the Vegas scene and not very popular yet in America DJ’s like Afrojack had contracts that paid $50,000 a show. Currently, top DJ’s such as Afrojack are being paid anywhere from $250,000 – $500,000 a show. As the success of a DJ increases so does his or her demand to perform at nightclubs. This drives up the cost for casinos to book these DJ’s and as Waits explains its very hard to afford to keep the best DJ’s when you have competing casinos bidding on the DJ’s as well. This increase in pay for DJ’s shows how important they are for casinos and their nightlife.

When a club like XS can afford to pay a DJ $150,000 to play music for one evening and it be profitable for them the nightclub parties generate a lot of revenue. A Grey Goose bottle that cost $45 retail has a %1000 mark up in clubs such as XS. Big spenders buy $500,000 worth of alcohol in one evening at these parties. from the Black Eyed Peas who also DJ’s at the Wynn said “What makes a hit in pop music is how many times a song gets played on the radio. A hit in d.j.-land is how much alcohol is bought.” A DJ has a direct impact on the crowed and how much a crowed will spend on drinks and entertainment. If a club books a reputable dj it will bring in a bigger crowed, the club will charge more for admission and bottles and as a status quo people will pay these ridiculous prices. A major source of revenue for casinos is the club nightlife thanks to E.D.M music and their Elite DJs.

I find this article very interesting because it displays the drastic change in nightlife celebration. I feel in the past people used to focus more on the cultural aspect of music and the enjoyment of the simple things such as dancing and the actual music. In todays society the party scene is much more materialized. Now its become about who purchases the most bottles of alcohol, the biggest bottles, who spends the most money, who can land the biggest DJ etc. This kind of takes away from the actual appreciation of the music and the socializing aspect of the nightlight.

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2 Responses to Night Club Royale

  1. Ofir Yakobowicz says:

    But wouldn’t you say that it’s just another aspect of the music business? A sense of merchandising? With music piracy being what it is today, performers only really get paid by doing shows and selling merch. While it is sad that it’s come down to having consumers pay higher prices for materials that aren’t necessarily important to the culture of nightlife, should that be the problem of the performer if no one is buying their music and the people are willing to pay?

  2. Allen Sharma says:

    I 100% agree with you Kyle. Nobody in night clubs care about having a good time anymore they care more about other people thinking that they are having a good time. The lame idea that society has established with VIP and expensive bottle service being the only way to have a good night has ruined the night club scene. Instead of wasting my money on overpriced watered down liquor I could save that money and honestly throw a better banger at my house.

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