“I’m From Rags to Riches’: The Death of Jay” RESPONSE

This article reminds me of how Jay-Z would constantly say he’s retiring from rap but then he’d always return with an album. However, this couple years f he has said nothing about retiring yet I have literally only heard 2 or 3 new verses from him which actually saddens me a bit to the fact that he might actually be done for good.

Over the years Jay-Z has definitely changed and it has definitely also angered some of his fans who believe he got worse over the years. But honestly Jay-Z is just rapping about the life he is living, he can’t keep rapping about “selling bricks” when he doesn’t even do that anymore. One of my favorite lines from him have to be “Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums” because it’s true. If you’re complain about liking the old Jay-Z better well than go listen to his older stuff.

However, I do not like the article title “Death of Jay-Z”. HOV is not dead all he has done is matured over the years into becoming a successful business man. Jay-Z is the ultimate hustler when it came to the rap game as his rags to riches story was no joke and it kills me to see all these trash rappers like Lil Yacthy, Lil Uzi and Lil whatever be so successful in Hip-Hop. I feel that they are almost undeserving of their success.

One of my favorite verses from him in a while has to be from Drug Dealers Anonymous where he is basically just laughing when Tomi Lauren calls out Beyonce for her controversial halftime show performance and calls out her husband, Jay-Z, to be a drug dealer. Basically just mocking her by sampling what she said in the song. The entire verse is about his 14 year drug dealing past and basically him just flexing how rich he is and it’s great. He even threw in a line about “Damn Daniel” like who new Jay was so hip to whats popping’ on social media, he’s literally the last rapper in the world that I would expect such a reference from.

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3 Responses to “I’m From Rags to Riches’: The Death of Jay” RESPONSE

  1. Sebastian says:

    As always, love reading your responses, especially for rap. I haven’t heard of any new songs by HOV to be honest, but I do agree he just matured. He expanded to other markets, such a athlete agency where he represents athletes. He knows how to get money, and as of rn, music is not that important. Continue to dominate other aspects of the industry and the money, influence and respect will flow in

  2. Sade Smith says:

    I agree very much with your point that Jay-Z has changed over the years and people who are strictly fans of his old material tend to hate his newer ones. I think thats something that all artist who’ve been in the music industry for a long time experience. As you pointed out he at a different place in life now and there is now way he is going to continue rapping about the same things; if he did his career would truly be over, he’d just be stagnant and he’d lose fans because of that. Either way people would have something negative to say.

  3. Luisa says:

    “But honestly Jay-Z is just rapping about the life he is living, he can’t keep rapping about “selling bricks” when he doesn’t even do that anymore.”

    This made me think of the Michael Coyle article in which he brings up artist authenticity. If Jay-Z kept rapping about the stuff from his past, things he no longer has to do, I’m not so sure that it would be believable. I think people liked his old stuff because at that time in his life, it was what he did. It was who he was. Now that he’s super successful, he doesn’t have to do any of those things. He’s a new person. It’s so annoying that people always hate on artists for growing and for changing. I think a lot of people forget that musicians are people too.

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