Marketing, Gangnam Style Response

I think Dae Ryun Chang’s 3-point guideline for companies to follow to develop their own “Gangnam Style” is quite interesting. The first point “Make your product or brand more ownable” is different than what many companies are used to. The old (for lack of a better word) marketing formula was all about protecting your creation from being stolen. I did not know that the song was not copyrighted. I do believe that not doing so helped the song reach the audience that it did. The second point “Be open-minded, but in a controlled way”, is a step that I think many artists and companies are already following today. There are more opportunities for fans to have a say in what happens with their favorite artist. Crowdsourcing has become very popular and proves to be quite successful as well; in addition, with social media constantly growing there is a direct line of contact with fans to see what they want. More and more increasingly artists and brands are collaborating with media influential to develop new ways to reach their current audience and expand it as well. Finally, the third point “Find an uncommonly-common emotional denominator that resonates across cultures”, is easier said than done. Psy was able to achieve this because he spoke on something many can relate to, not that everyone understood what was being said. I think these points are interesting but because media and consumers are ever changing I’m not this type of success can be repeated 100%.

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  1. Debbie says:

    I think the first point is also very interesting, considering (as you mentioned) the fact that it used to be all about not letting any of your creations get copied by others. I’d be interested in knowing when this shift happened and why, but I digress. Do you think this is different from appropriation?

    • Sade Smith says:

      I think today many would consider it appropriation. To be honest people in society are very sensitive today; especially when culture is involved. Which is why I think that something like this may not happen again in a long time, I think anything further than what people can find amusing may bring plenty of backlash.

      • Debbie says:

        I’m wondering now what you think makes people “very sensitive” today? I believe newer generations are opening their eyes to a lot of the things that were always prevalent in life but that no one wanted to discuss. Now that things are more out in the open, they’re up for debate. Sometimes things can be taken too far, of course it can happen with anything, so I understand what you mean.

  2. Allen Sharma says:

    I honestly believe that more artists should try to be more open minded when it comes to creating music. Many are often too afraid to experiment with a new sound but I believe that is the only way to keep pushing music creatively forward. I hated the album 808 & Heartbreak by Kanye West but that’s because it was ahead of it’s time and I didn’t listen to it with an open mind. Now it’s one of my most favorite albums.
    I also think that crowdsurfing is great because it helps even the smallest artists grow and enables them to better connect with their fan base.

    • Sebastian says:

      I agree, a lot of musicians use the same sound that has been popular through the years so that they too, can be popular. Every song now a days seems so similar, especially on the radio. The same garbage is played 24/7. We need to have a system where we provide incentives for a different type of music, different ways of expressing ourselves.

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