Night Club Royal by Josh Eells

This was an interesting read.  I wasn’t aware of how much money nightclubs spend on DJs.  All of these people described in the article, like Afrojack and Waits, have so much money that they can spend on anything.  Afrojack was always described to be in designer clothing, taking private jets, and doing what he wants at his own leisure.  At one point in the article, Waits had someone remove confetti off of him using an air compressor.  That’s insane.  He could have just removed it himself but he had someone do it for him.  At a certain point, Afrojack and Waits joked about the fact that they had all bought new expensive cars.  At one point, Afrojack states that he has all of this money and he doesn’t know what to spend it on.

Another thing I found crazy was how expensive bottle service/alcohol is in these night clubs in Las Vegas.  The article said that a bottle of Grey Goose vodka is usually $45, at a wholesale price.  At a nightclub in Las Vegas, a bottle of Grey Goose vodka is $600.  SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR ONE BOTTLE OF VODKA!  THAT’S INSANE! said that a hit in “dj land” is how much alcohol is bought. also said that it shouldn’t be called dance music but instead should be called “look at the dj and get drunk music”.

One thing that I thought was missing from the article, or at least it’s something that I wish was addressed, was why this is a thing.  Why are people willing to spend so much money on alcohol and why are they willing to spend so much money to see a DJ perform?  I think that would make for an interesting research project.  I personally hate going to clubs, especially on nights where a well known DJ is going to perform.  On the one hand, it’s almost guaranteed that the music that night is going to be good.  But the main DJ usually doesn’t show up until really late at night, around 3 in the morning, and they usually don’t play for too long.  To get a table or a booth at a club, you have to pay for bottle service, which is also really expensive.  Going out to a club is just an expensive thing to do.  I really hate it and I try to avoid it.  As a broke college student, it’s really hard justifying spending over $100 on just one bottle of alcohol.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

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3 Responses to Night Club Royal by Josh Eells

  1. Sebastian says:

    You make really good points with how expensive it is. It is true, I hate going to clubs as well, I wouldn’t justify spending 600$ on anything except my car insurance. I think it is a way of showing off you have money and feeling cool – in the moment, and probably with a large group of people to split the bill. If people just go there to get drunk and look at the DJ – then our form of having a good time has really changed to a disappointing level .

  2. Sade Smith says:

    I find it INSANE that people basically throw so much money away in nightclubs but, I guess when you have it to spend it why not. For me personally, I wouldn’t do it but maybe thats because as you pointed I’m a broke college student. I have a hard time justifying buying my textbooks that are more that $50, I wouldn’t even consider spending that amount or more on alcohol.

  3. Megan says:

    The amount of money that gets wasted for such frivolous needs is so astounding. Us poor college students have to think ahead on where we need to spend our money, what basic needs we need to fill, and then if there’s leftover money you have to decide if you want to just throw it away on luxuries or just save it. Reminds me of those celebrity reality shows, where the Kardashians just spend money like water and it’s mind boggling that people would rather waste money on luxuries than like, oh I don’t know, maybe a charity or something.

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