The Audio Visual IPod

I can completely relate to the feeling of having music change the world as you see it. When you listen to music while outside, you suddenly feel like you’re transported into your own movie or whatever, depending on what you’re listening to at the moment. For me, I have two kinds of music that I listen to: music with singing and music without (usually video game OST). When I have lyrical music on, I feel like I’m in my own movie or TV show because those are usually the kinds of media that uses singing to create the mood. When I have OSTs playing, I suddenly feel like I’m in my own video game. I feel more energized when listening to video game music and instead of it being like a boring trip going to your destination, it suddenly becomes an epic journey. Music can transform a person so much that sometimes people don’t truly understand the importance of good music.

However, this could also be a little bit of a bad thing because now it’s hard going anywhere without music. I have trouble being anywhere in complete silence I’ll often zone out if there’s nothing to keep me distracted. Silence is such a heavy space to fill and a lot of people can become dependent on music because they don’t know how to deal with extended periods of silence. It makes me wonder how much further we could go beyond ipods, how we could go a step further from carrying music with us everywhere.

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2 Responses to The Audio Visual IPod

  1. All hail portable music! That said, I have a love hate relationship with iPods, mp3’s, mp4’s and other compressed but really convenient and easily accessible music. As you’ve stated, walking around or traveling with your own personal soundtrack is a major part of not only tuning out the “real world,” but creating your own world. Sometimes the hardest part is just trying to find the best song fit for the next 3 to 4 minutes of your travels. Often times, I just match the pace at which I’m moving with the speed and drive of the song. That said, there’s no norm, though I do have some “go-to’s” for journey’s that I have repeated -just in case I draw a blank as to the selection of the song or songs that’ll accompany my trip. That’s my “love” relationship with iPods.

    My “hate” relationship is simple. As an audiophile (one that prefers high quality sound), I find that the overly compressed sound of mp3’s and 4’s to lack the fullness and robust sound that I adore. The good news is that a good pair of headphones can give the illusion of bettering the sound

  2. Luisa says:

    “However, this could also be a little bit of a bad thing because now it’s hard going anywhere without music.”

    That is so true! Sometimes, if I have to leave to go somewhere and my phone doesn’t have enough battery to get me there, I’ll stay longer and charge my phone because I want to make sure I have music to listen to while I travel. I hate when I forget my headphones at home. It feels so weird to be on the bus or train and not listen to music. It always transport me into a different world. It does kind of feel like you’re in a movie.

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