The Audio-Visual iPod Response

Reading this article felt like I was reading about myself at times. Once, I put my headphones in the ‘real world’ is basically on mute. Bull quotes Urry in the reading, “Urban citizens frequently ignore the physical environment through which they move.” From personal experience, I can attest to this, my iPhone contains my own personal playlist and I’m wherever I want to be when I listen to it, most times I tend to forget about the physical location of where I am. Listening to a song makes me feel as if I’m painting a picture in my head, or attending my own private concerts – there are not limitations.

My playlist is basically the background music to the movie that is my life, it makes it more intimate and appealing. The reading talks a lot about aesthetics and I definitely see the connect. Many think music is just auditory but there is a large visual component too, that people are just beginning to notice.

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2 Responses to The Audio-Visual iPod Response

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Sade!

    I’m the same way, do you manage to get annoyed when your playlist is disrupted as well? I also think people still aren’t noticing this aesthetic as much as they could. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I just believe this is more involuntary than we think!

  2. Sebastian says:

    I love my music and I totally agree that it acts as background music to my life. If am not using my Ipod, I am using Pandora and I can tell you straight up I have the free version with lots of commercials between the songs. The disruption of my music is annoying and really puts me in a miserable mood. And I have to agree, I ignore everything when I am walking through the city, or campus or even drive for that matter. I just focus on me and my next steps..

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