Beyonce’s Lemonade: She Dreams in Both Worlds

Oh boy.  The Lemonade visual album itself is a lot to take in so it was also a lot to take in all of the different comments made by the authors.  There are so many different things that you can talk about when talking about Lemonade.  One thing that I found interesting was this:

“Beyonce’s first white-fleshed and white-haired guises, and the painted-white female dancers in the night-lockers, necks snapped back and then forward, as if they had been cut loose from the hangman’s rope.  Later, when an immobile Beyonce intones “Freedom” from a stage, the dangling lights behind her resemble nooses.”

I must have watched Lemonade at least 10 times.  I think I watched it every day for the first couple of weeks that it came out.  I was obsessed!  Any who, never in all of those viewings did I ever think about “hangman’s rope” and “nooses”.  I think it just goes to show how much detail was put into this body of work.  Every single thing has a meaning and serves a purpose.  The visual album isn’t just about infidelity.  It’s about so much more than that.  It’s important to watch it and not just listen to it because so much of the visuals play such an important role in properly portraying the messages that Beyonce wants to show.

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