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“I’m From Rags to Riches’: The Death of Jay” RESPONSE

This article reminds me of how Jay-Z would constantly say he’s retiring from rap but then he’d always return with an album. However, this couple years f he has said nothing about retiring yet I have literally only heard 2 or … Continue reading


Solidarity is for Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance RESPONSE

I remember watching her performance a couple years ago and thinking to myself “wow this isn’t the same girl from Disney Channel” but to an extent I understand that it’s okay to to want to change your image from being a … Continue reading


Richard Dyer: In Defense Of Disco RESPONSE

Dyer makes some interesting points as he mentions that Disco is very capitalist since it was made and performed by with expensive equipment and also made merely just for profit. He also says that an unforeseen importance that came out of … Continue reading

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Joel Makower, Woodstock Response

I always heard stories about Woodstock and always assumed it was something similar to the Coachella the music festival they have in the west coast because of all the music and drugs being consumed. Although, Coachella now does seems like … Continue reading

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Cover Song Analysis: Hotline Bling

Drake’s highest peaking single at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Hotline Bling”, has an interesting backstory to it. The single potentially could’ve hit number one but thanks to the exclusive release on Apple Music it couldn’t. According to … Continue reading


Project Pitch

I will discuss Hip-Hop subculture particularly in the 90s. Hip-hop has evolved so much since then through new artists who now dress different and even sound different from the artists that were popular in the 90s (Tupac, Nas, BIG, Jay-Z, Snoop, … Continue reading

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