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Night Club Royale

The article Night Club Royale by Josh Ells is cool and entertaining article. It is very insightful on the nightlife of E.D.M. music in Las Vegas. When most people hear or think Las Vegas they often think slot machines, poker … Continue reading


“I’m From Rags To Riches”: The Death of Jay-Z

I totally agree with the authors perspective of Jay-Z portraying a certain image in his videos to transition himself from “the game” to becoming a corporate citizen.  Jay-Z displayed his new identity when he promoted in his Black Album that … Continue reading


In Defense of Disco by Richard Dyer

Richard Dyer speaks about gay culture and the disco community.  He explains that there are three important characteristics of disco.  The three important characteristics of disco are eroticism, romanticism and materialism. He makes an argument that all types of music has some … Continue reading

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#MattHill Cover Songs

Cover songs have many purposes some more obvious then others.  For instance usually when an artist does a cover song it’s a record that is considered a hit and can gain an artist exposure.  Since writing a successful record is difficult … Continue reading


Project Pitch

For my project I would like to discuss the subculture of social media and the effects it has on the music industry.  I will discuss how different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. changed the way … Continue reading

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Paris is burning

Paris is Burning is a documentary film created by Jennie Livingston in 1990.  The film takes place in Harlem New York and documents the ball culture of gays and transgenders.  This film specifically focuses on Black and Latino individuals who … Continue reading

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