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What Does It Mean For Sound To Be “Interactive”

I’m not sure I entirely agree that sound in video games causes to interact differently in the game. I guess it depends on the game thats being played. Surely there can be both feedback and control in a video game … Continue reading


The Audio Visual iPod

I truly am at a loss for words with this reading. So much of me is saying “Ahhh, I’m manipulating my concept of realty one song at a time and not appreciating the world for what it is.” At the … Continue reading

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“In Defense of Disco” Response

After reading this, I was thoroughly confused. Should I have thought disco was a political and economic tool to re-establish certain aspects of society? Was it a social tool to help people with the understanding of gay culture? The main … Continue reading

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“Some Kind of Wonderful” Response

I was thrilled to read this one because my paper this semester is on the subculture of music producers. It is not just coincidence that when there is a center for something, anything, whatever that thing is will bloom. This … Continue reading


“All Along The Watchtower” Cover Analysis

Most people forget that music is just as much about telling a story than it is about expression of self. Lyrics often have a way of swaying the listener to hear what an artist has to say, leaving much of … Continue reading


Project Pitch: Music Producer Subculture

Collaboration in the music industry happens on a regular basis. An artist reaches out to another and features them on the track, or maybe they work on a song together. What most people do not realize is that collaboration happens … Continue reading

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